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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Updated Content Roadmap Announced, Clone Wars Content Coming Early 2019

EA and DICE have today released a new and updated roadmap for Star Wars Battlefront 2’s content update plans. There’s a lot to take in as there’s a fair amount of stuff being added to the game over the next few months, though what happens after February is anyone’s guess.

For October there’s new hero outfits, hero health cards, and even a new spaceship to take into the game’s space battles with the N1 Starfighter – a fan favourite machine, apparently.

November will bring yet more outfits for heroes, but the big news here is the new location: Geonosis, along with its native inhabitants, the Geonosians. However, you’ll not really get to do much with the horrible bug-like sods as they’re part of the game’s “living world”, but it should help flesh out the new map a little.

December won’t have any updates but January and February will make up for it by having Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku join Battlefront 2’s heroes, along with various outfits to dress them up in. There’s also a new large-scale game mode being introduced in February that’ll feature capture points and capital ship takedowns.

According to EA and DICE, the content roadmap is subject to change and future content and feature updates are still to be confirmed. Whether that means February will be the last big update for the game remains to be seen, but EA has stated that there will be another updated roadmap at a later date.

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