Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Bundles Announced, Standard and Pro

Limited Edition PlayStation 4 bundles have been almost non-existent, with a number of big releases passing without a sniff. But it looks like the tides are changing. It has been announced that two Star Wars Battlefront II themed consoles will be released to mark the Sci-fi shooter’s sequel.

The first will be a PS4 Pro sporting the infamous Galactic Empire and Resistance emblems on a mirror finish. A matching DualShock 4 controller will also be included, alongside a copy of Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition. The Inferno Squad insignia will also feature (FYI the Inferno Squad is the specialist Imperial squad featured in the game). With regards to the controller, the Star Wars logo will be inscribed on the touchpad and the emblems on the hand grips.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. The bundled Deluxe Edition of the game will make the adventure available three days earlier than general release. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with premium digital content (how does upgraded trooper classes grab ya?) and immediate access to elite hero and starfighter epic Star Cards.

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The second special release will be a grey 1TB PS4 with the same emblems as the console and controller above. We must say that between the two, it is this console that grabs our attention the most. That’s one sweet shade of grey!

If you are still console-less, want to leave this planet behind but don’t see yourself as a Limited Edition sort of person then fear not. SIEE has also said that they plan on releasing standard PS4 and PS4 Pro console bundles that will come packaged with the Standard Edition of the game.

Prices for all of the above are still unknown, though previous graffitid consoles have gone for £260 ish for the PS4 and around £350 for the Pro; we would assume that these would come in at roughly the same.

Do either of the consoles float your Falcon? 

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