Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Street Date Broken, Spoilers Are Circulating

EA disappointed us yesterday with the news that Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order wouldn’t be included in their EA Access initiative – even though we were all expecting a ten hour preview this week. But it now looks as though their efforts to reduce the number of spoilers breaking online were in vain because the street date has been broken in a few different countries.

And gamers are starting to share their thoughts online.

Most of these posts are harmless as they’ve refrained from posting anything too detailed. But a few are giving quite a lot of the plot away, especially the videos that are dropping on YouTube. Therefore, unless you’re looking for a spoiler, I’d advise you to tread carefully on Reddit’s boards and the likes save ruining release day for yourself. Because nobody else cares enough to spare you.

Luckily for you I do care, so I won’t be writing anything that could give the game away. Quite literally. But I will say that opinions, thus far, seem positive. Very positive, in fact, with the lightsabers in particular getting a lot of love from gamers. There’s apparently a Dark Souls / Uncharted / Sekiro vibe to it, and the planets are very expansive, requiring a number of return visits if you intend on exploring them fully.

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All together, they make Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sound like a detailed and engaging challenge that will give the most of us a good run for our money. Something I’ll try to remind myself of every time I die at the hands of Stormtroopers…

It’s unclear just how many copies have already found their way into a console, especially as UK pre-orders have been shipping early and shops in the Middle East have started to offer them for sale. But it’s safe to say that the next couple of days will prove a difficult time for those of us keen to keep the surprise under wraps. Or encased in its blue armour.

May the force (to resist temptation) be with you!

Source: ResetEra

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