Stardew Valley Multiplayer Almost Ready For Harvest

Stardew Valley left us all dreaming of quitting the rat race and living the good life. But the one thing that’s been missing is the ability to share the parsnip-growing load with a friend. However, rest assured, ConcernedApe are still working tirelessly on this feature, and are adamant it won’t be long until the update is live.

In fact, they’re just awaiting the final green light to pass through certification. So you shouldn’t have to wait much longer; we expect the next you’ll hear from us about Stardew Valley will be about this patch, and that should be by the end of the month, going on the content of the tweet.

We’ve tried hard not to be restless, but the problem is in the fact that this capability has been available in the game’s other formats for some time now, whilst us PlayStation 4 farmers have been left without a friendly face and the extra muscle it affords. It was no secret that the Sony incarnation of said feature would take longer to implement, but I don’t think anyone envisaged it taking this much time. Plus, it’s so easy to grow impatient when you see others with what you don’t have.

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At least this latest news confirms that the update is still in the pipeline – for a while there, it was looking as though it’d slipped through Grandpa’s will recital. And that it is almost ready to harvest. Now we’d better start recruiting our team of farm hands.

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