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Stardew Valley Multiplayer Patch Could Be Mere Days Away

Stardew Valley

The multiplayer update for Stardew Valley is anything but plain sailing. Despite a recent update saying the console patch was in certification and nearing release, a criteria failure last week meant it had to go back to the start of the process. All going well, it should instead pass this week. Which means a launch could be mere days away.

It’s a hard life on the smallholding, and it’s an even harder life waiting on this update. Features of which have been available to players on other formats for quite some time. But it seems as though the end may well be nigh, if this online update from ConcernedApe is anything to go by.

The Twitter post reads:

Update on the console MP: the update was put back into certification late last week after failing certain MP-specific platform requirements, like needing a way to access player profiles from in-game. I am praying that it passes this time which could mean a release later this week.

Which is pretty much it. I mean, there little else to say until the update goes live. But it’s hard to be too optimistic when it’s taken so long to get to this point, and when you focus on the fact that it failed to meet criteria just last. We’ll just have to wait, cross our controller fingers and see. Hopefully, the next Stardew Valley article we bring you will be with news that the patch is live.

Are you waiting on this fruitful harvest? Or is Stardew Valley too much like hard work for your liking? Kick up some dirt in the comments box below.

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