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Stardew Valley Ripening on to the PS Vita in 2018, Cross-buy Support Included

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was a surprise hit when it launched on to computers and consoles. After all, how many one man bands create such a hit in this competitive and cut throat industry that we call video games? But from a little sown seed a vast crop has grown, and now it will soon be ready to harvest all your free time on the Vita.

ConcernedApe has confirmed on their blog that the port, which was first mentioned last January, is actually in the pipeline and set for a 2018 launch. The even better news is that if you own the PlayStation 4 version then it will be free on the Vita as a cross-buy deal.

A number of people have been curious about the PS Vita port we mentioned way back in January, and I’m happy to announce that a PS Vita port is actually happening! It’ll be available next year, and it’ll have cross-buy too, so if you’ve got Stardew Valley on Playstation 4 you won’t need to buy it again to play it on your PS Vita! However, it’s worth noting that we can’t port the multiplayer update to PS Vita.

Now we have to admit, we love a buy one get one free, even if it is for the Vita… Ouch! Too soon?

The multiplayer update mentioned above will see marriages being further implemented within the good life’s gameplay. We can only imagine it will include arguments, tea bags in the sink and the toilet seat being left up. Apparently counseling helps.

So, multiplayer is coming along nicely! Tom is working on implementing marriage between players, and recently finished up working on festivals. Now you’ll have someone to dance with at the Flower Dance, even if you’ve yet to win over any of the residents of Pelican Town.

It is great to see that despite the limited man power, Stardew Valley is not short on new content.

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