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Stardew Valley Update 1.3 Finally Brings the Multiplayer Capability to the PS4

The multiplayer update for Stardew Valley has finally made it through certification and on to our consoles. That means us PlayStation farmers are finally on an equal pegging with the functionality computer users have been enjoying for some time now. But just in case that wasn’t good enough news in itself, ConcernedApe were also delighted to tease the next update – 1.4 – which will eventually reach us.


However, the year long delay between the PC release and this version hasn’t gone unnoticed. And even news of the patch’s release isn’t enough to calm the community, who feel as though this 12 month empasse was too long. Still, there’s not much we can do about the hurdles a developer has to jump through to pass Sony’s rigmarole. Except to enjoy the fruits of their labour once they’ve successfully navigated this complicated path.

So, what is there to enjoy?

Well, four person crop-caring for a start. Because as of now, you and up to three friends can share the demands of living off the land. But not as completely equal partners, though, as one will live it up in the main house whilst the others slum it in a guest cabin. You can flirt with one another, however, and marry them just as you would an NPC.

For three nights in the dark of winter, The Night Market will grace Pelican Town. Extra character events have been crafted. Horses can now wear a hat. And a new adventure also awaits, prompted by a “peculiar event”.

As for update 1.4, fish ponds are apparently on the horizon. Along with a purpose built multiplayer map and a selection of new buildings.

Have you been waiting for update 1.3? Or is Stardew Valley a withered root in your gaming library? Plant a comment below and watch it grow.

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