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Stardew Valley Update 1.3 Finally Reaches Console, 1.4 Planned

Stardew Valley

Console editions of Stardew Valley have now been updated to version 1.3, bringing them in line with the PC version. That means those of you who harvest your parsnips on the PlayStation 4 can finally enjoy the multiplayer functionality you have been patiently awaiting and start delegating tasks to your farmhands.

But this equilibrium isn’t going to last long as another update is due to drop for computers by the end of the month. And us console good lifers will have to wait for its release once again. Darn you, testing phase!

The good news, though, is that patch 1.4 will also be free, bringing with it countless improvements. In fact, it sounds like its sole intention is to fix all of the bugs that have survived this long and expand its post-game content. However, don’t be expecting a long list of changes to be made public as the developer doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. So just be aware that things have been improved upon and go enjoy your small holding once more.

ConcernedApe did let us in on a few changes, mind you – the first being a fourteen heart event especially for married couples. Then there was the possibility of double fish catches by using wild bait. And finally, artefact collections should be easier to complete thanks to an overhaul of the “buried loot” system.

You’ll have to find out everything else for yourself, just like the rest of us. But if you do happen to spot something noteworthy in update 1.3, be sure to share it in the comments box below. Just think of it as a task we’ve pinned up on the community board, minus any tangible reward.

Source: ConcernedApe

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