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Stardew Valley Update 1.5 is Out Now, Let’s Go Harvest the Beach!

We’ve been waiting a little while for this gem. But I’m happy to report today that Update 1.5 for Stardew Valley has gone live. That means you can now start a new game, bustling with a lot of unseen content. Not to mention take on a whole new challenge in the form of a farm on the beach.

The question now is, though, how many hours can you sink into this incarnation of the game? I’m guessing quite a lot!

We’ve reported on this patch a number of times before. But just in case those articles have passed you by, here’s a quick summary of what to expect. To start with, local co-op on consoles is now a thing. So, hopefully you’ve got a local friend to play farms with. Then there’s a new farming plot – positioned on the beach – which will test your watering skills to the max as sprinklers are incompatible. And there’s a whole host of new options to choose from at the start of a new game, including whether the foraging challenges can be completed in your first year or not.

The there’s also the new characters to meet, new quests to run, new locations to discover… You catch my drift.

There’s also the hope that this won’t be the last update for Stardew Valley as Concerned Ape has suggested more could be to come. And that may even be in the form of Stardew Valley 2. However, with other projects definitely in the pipeline, whatever comes next is sure to be a hit. And I can’t wait to play them.

Source: Stardew Valley Official

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