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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Drops Story and Community Trailers

Ubisoft gave us two trailers to highlight their new IP, Starlink: Battle for Atlas. The first is a story trailer, and it is faintly reminiscent of the new Star Trek film (sort of). A group of young, plucky explorers goes out to a far away location. The bad guy steals the adult responsible for them to find out how to harvest Nova. The group of explorers must rescue their space chaperone and stop the bad guy in very fancy spaceships with their witty comments, courage, and determination with just a pinch of luck.

OK. Maybe, I am imagining the narrative link, but it looks like plenty of setup to keep me zipping around Atlas, especially if I can pilot as the cat-looking guy with goggles. It’s bright and colorful, and it is packing an E 10+ rating. It doesn’t look like it’s meant to be a dark and gritty space adventure (in which you will most definitely shoot first and not feel bad about it). If you have been wanting to get a feel for the game, check out the story trailer at the top.

The second trailer shows the game’s creative director, Laurent Malville, answering questions from the community. It’s short, but it’s really useful. The first question is around the ships and pilots. There are different ship classes with different stats and strengths. They range from speedy to being able to take a beating. The pilots were also mentioned. They will each have a special ability. Mixing and matching pilots, mods, and ships should give you some control over your play style.

He wasn’t ready to get into any specifics around console exclusive ships. He rightly said that they are focused on launching the game for now. My guess is that there will not be anything exclusive, unless it is an Uncharted or Halo themed craft. It just doesn’t make sense to not be able to sell DLC to half your customers.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release on October 16th.

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