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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Gives You a Customizable Ship and Many Stars to Steer Her By

Ubisoft gave us a new trailer with more info on the upcoming Starlink: Battle for Atlas. They are unveiling gameplay pillars, and it’s something you should watch if you tingle when someone mentions a game set in space. (The lab techs are working on what that illness is, but the only cure is to play more space games.)

Throughout the game, your ship is YOUR ship. Weapons, mods, and pilots are ways to customize the ship, and every change you make shows up in the game. The trailer shows you adding different wings to your ship, including multiple wings to one side. They all have different stats. Mods can change weapon cool downs or give you more shields. There are multiple pilots in Starlink. Each has their own personality. More importantly, each comes with a unique ability.

The star system Atlas has seven planets, but the game is one big open world. You can turn on the hyperdrive at any time and fly between planets. The trip will not be on autopilot. You will have to maneuver through asteroid fields and blast your way through outlaws lying in wait.

The combat system in Starlink gives you plenty of options to deal with bandits or the Forgotten Legion, the main enemy in the game. You can attack enemy weaknesses and combine attacks to change them to elemental attacks. There are numbers flying above enemy heads and health bars on screen, so you can see the effectiveness of frost or fire.

Finally, the story follows the adventures of the Starlink Initiative. It’s run by Vincent St. John, and he seems like a father figure to the young and hip group of pilots. He is kidnapped by the Forgotten Legion, and now all of them need to get him back Young Guns style. If there is a pilot like Emilio Estevez, he is my pick every time.

With co-op and the ability to build a ship in real life to use digitally in the game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is certainly interesting, making October is a busier (and more costly) month. Will Starlink: Battle for Atlas reach for the stars as you reach for your wallet? Find out when the game blasts off on October 16th.

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