The Station Will Space You Out on PS4 This February 20th, Announcement Trailer Within

The Station, created and developed by, er, The Station (yes, the studio is also called ‘The Station’) has been given a PS4 release date today: February 4th, 2018. That’s just over a month away for those still in a post-New Year’s lul.

If you’re blissfully unaware as to what The Station is (the game, that is) then let us fill you in a little bit. The game has been created by The Station (the studio) which is comprised of some of the gaming industry’s veterans. You’ve got people who previously worked on BioShock Infinite, League of Legends, and more. There’s some impressive talent behind the game, that much we know.

The game itself is a puzzle of sorts. It’s set in the far distant future where an alien race has been discovered on a planet far, far away. As humans are naturally nosy buggers, a research team is tasked with watching the aliens from a safe distance in a cloaked space ship. Only the space ship and its inhabitants have disappeared. This is where you come in. Your job is to find out what’s happened to the ship and its crew by solving puzzles and the like.

“Our goal is to challenge what people expect from atmospheric mysteries,” said Dave Fracchia, Executive Producer, The Station. “By abandoning player-driven dialogue we are able to replicate the emptiness and loneliness of space, while still enthralling with a pressure-packed mystery.”
The Station will release on PS4 this February 20th for $14.99 in North America, and £14.99 in the UK. There’s an announcement trailer up above that’s worth having a look at if you’re the slightest bit interested. We recommend giving it a look.
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