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Stay Cool In Injustice 2 with Sub Zero

Sub Zero is now available to download in Injustice 2 if you purchased the Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Pack, or Deluxe Edition. If you bought the normal retail version of the game, feel ashamed you will have to wait until next week to purchase the Lin Kuei’s favorite snow cone maker.

We have posted the trailer showing his moves. After an overly sassy Batman asks the question that no masked person asks another (it is just not polite to ask who you are under a mask; hero code 101), Sub Zero gives a quick C.V. and vicious beating and freezing to the Dark Knight. He takes on Wonder Woman and Superman too, but the majority of the trailer is a how-to video on making a Batman popsicle.

We liked Injustice 2 in our review calling it “one of the best fighting games this generation”. Let us know in the comments if picking up Sub Zero is worth it, or if we are cool just sticking with the main roster for now.

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