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Steampunk Puzzler The Watchmaker Releasing On PS4 In Q2 2017

You play as an elderly man known as Alexander. He suffers from a strange disease that causes him to age extremely quickly. The only life he ever knew was repairing the clock tower he calls home. One day he realizes that the tower has been sabotaged and it’s making time go all wonky. From here you must traverse through a steampunk world while solving puzzles to make things right again.

In lieu of health kits, Alexander must collect time to regenerate his youth. To accomplish his goal you must fight an aging process that is animatedly tailored. The older you get is reflected in our hero’s face, posture and movements. Enemy attacks will also further accelerate the aging process. The gameplay also allows you to manipulate time and use magnetic gloves. There will be plenty of exploration, puzzles, platforming, and boss fights in five extensive locations.

1C and Micropsia Games let us know that PS4 gamers will be able to get their hands on The Watchmaker in Q2 of 2017.

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