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Steel Rats Brings Motorcycle Combat on November 7th

Steel Rats is a dystopian vision that might scare most people not named Harley Davidson. In an alternate future, the machines have taken over the world (if only we’d listened to you, Stephen Hawking). Since people are generally stubborn, they don’t care for the oppression of their robotic overlords. With motorcycles being an iconic symbol of freedom, it makes sense that this would be the preferred mode of transportation for the resistance. Why save the world if you can’t look cool doing it?

In the 2.5D world of Steel Rats, you will ride your bike, which can perform stunts and can also be used in combat. In the trailer at the top, it can ride up the side of a building or even upside down. In addition to the tricks, there are four characters you can select and upgrade as you try to save the city.

Pre-ordering Steel Rats from the PSN will give you 15% off and some extra digital goodies. In addition to the game, you will receive a theme, five avatars, and the soundtrack. It is currently priced at £15.99 or £13.59 for PS Plus subscribers.

Checkout the gameplay trailer for a look at the action. Steel Rats will be available on November 7th.

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Press Release from Tate Multimedia

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