Steins;Gate Elite Drops a Story Trailer

El Psy Kongroo! The release date for Steins;Gate Elite is next month, and it’s time for a refresher on the story. If you read the title, you already know that a story trailer is available as of today, and it’s at the top of this piece waiting for you to soak in clips of all the added scenes from the anime series.

I will refrain from spoiling what I believe is a story full of exciting twists and turns whether you enjoy it in visual novel form or anime. (If nothing else, please watch the anime. It’s amazing.) I will say that it is about time travel, consequences, personal growth, friendship, despair, and a pinch of romance as you try to save the world. That’s a lot of things in one story, but, as someone who has watched the anime more than once, those pieces fit together very well.

The game is a remake, and it pulls animation directly from the show for a big step up in presentation. There are newly animated scenes from the team at White Fox, who also worked on the anime. If you buy it on the PS4, it will also include the ten extra stories (total) with at least one for each character in the Linear Bounded Phenogram add-on. If you buy it physically, there will be a digital voucher to download it, but it will add more content for you to enjoy.

Steins;Gate Elite is releasing on February 19th, and you will probably be following the will of Steins;Gate if you watch the trailer. I can’t say for certain, but I am approaching the 1% divergence. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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