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Step Into The Yakuza-verse With Judgment Prologue

Judgment is the latest game in the Yakuza-verse, but it has already been crowned the best title in the series. However, if you still need convincing, there’s a new prologue demo available on the PlayStation Store now. The question is, are you open to looking for missing cats?

The teaser is around 15GB in file size, so is a little taxing on your hard drive and internet connection. But ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s more than worth it. Well, they’d probably say just download the full game now. But after that they’d say the demo is definitely worth it.

As I said, a quick search over on the PlayStation Store will bring the Judgment Prologue to your attention. Or you could follow the link I’ve included below. However, the full game is currently on offer for £32.49 from £49.99 – that’s a 35% saving. So, if you want to jump straight in now or feel drawn to the game once your demo is over, there’s quite the bargain to be had. But the deal ends on August 21st so don’t wait too long.

Have you already reached a judgement on Judgment? Or are you giving the prologue a fighting chance? Let us know below. 

Source: PlayStation Store

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