Stifled Brings the Scares to PS4/PSVR This October 31st

Stifled was announced not that long ago for PS4/PSVR during this year’s ChinaJoy conference, along with a few other upcoming PSVR releases. 

We now have a release date for Stifled, thanks to a post on the official PlayStation Blog by Gattai Games’ Managing Director, Justin Ng. Stifled will release on October 31st – Halloween, a perfectly suitable release date for a game that’s sure to creep out everyone that plays it.

For those who aren’t sure what Stifled is, we’ll give you a brief summary: Stifled is a stealth game that relies on sound. You play in a world that is pitch black. You find your way through the world by making noise into your microphone, however, if you make too much noise you’ll attract the enemies that are lurking in the darkness. You’re basically Daredevil, minus the cool ninja fighting skills and all that red leather.

Stifled actually started off as a mini project that evolved into a full-fledged game. The original premise behind the game is more or less the same – using real life sound to influence the game – but it’s been turned around into a horror game. Sounds creep as hell to us, but we’ll be there day one to bring you a review.

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It’s worth nothing that Stifled won’t be a PSVR-only game, as you’ll be able to play using just a PS4 and a regular TV. The developers have stated that the control scheme will be based around the DualShock 4 for this reason, so don’t expect to be waving your PS Move wands around with this one.

What do you make of Stifled? Will you be picking it up, or will you be too busy using Halloween as a reason to do all kinds of unthinkable alcohol drinking? Stifle yourself down in the comments section below.

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