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Storm Boy: The Game Announced for PS4, Releasing Later This Year

Blowfish Studios has announced that it will be releasing a new game later this year called Storm Boy: The Game. Hits the nail on the head, that title.

For those of us who don’t throw shrimps on the barbie for breakfast or live in constant fear of drowning in a sea of spiders, the significance of Storm Boy may be a little lost. But for those who grew up in ‘Straya, Storm Boy is something of a national treasure.

Originally released as a novella in 1964 before being adapted into a feature-length movie in 1976, Storm Boy is a highly regarded piece of work. It’s the story of the friendship between a young boy and his pelican, Mr. Percival. Hey. No laughing. This is serious stuff. It’s so good that there’s another Storm Boy movie coming out later this year.

“Storm Boy is a classic piece of literature in Australia, and we’re proud to adapt it for a new medium,” said Ellen Jurik, Senior Producer at Blowfish Studios. “We hope players of all ages will enjoy this story, whether it’s for the first time or through a new lens, and can’t wait to share it with the world when we release it for consoles, PC, and mobile devices later this year.”

The game will be an “interactive retelling” of the classic story, along with mini-games and even fly around the game’s world to take in the views, should they so wish.

There’s no release date as of yet and the press release only states that it’s coming later this year. My guess would be that it’ll be around the same time the movie releases in order to capitalise on what is sure to be an important cinema date in ‘Straya.

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Blowfish Studios Press Release

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