Stray Blade is a New Souls-Like and It’s Coming to PS5

I hope you love Souls-like, cause there’s more on the way!

Stray Blade, announced this week at Gamescom, is a new action RPG set to release next year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Essentially Stray Blade is another Souls-like, and oh boy there’s gonna be a very divisive opinion piece coming, I can feel it in my bones. Credit where it’s due however to the developer Point Blank for trying to have some fun with the genre and implementing unique and lively environments and colour palettes.

Players will take on the role of an unnamed adventurer, and with their companion, Boji, explore the ruins of an ancient society and discover how the peaceful valleys became filled with war and death. The real selling point of Stray Blade is the ‘intense’ combat which is said to be hyper-responsive to allow quick reactions and precise attacks to control the flow of battle. There are also challenging boss battles to take on in the form of the God-Kings that have ravaged the lands, once you defeat them you can even claim their powers as your own.

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As well as managing their own abilities, players will also have a separate talent tree for Boji. The adventurer will gain experience through battle, while Boji specialises in craftmanship and improves his abilities through the discovery of ancient lore. Change is also a big factor in Stray Blade with time continuing to move forward as you play, even after you die. You can revisit places of previous battles and see for yourself the changes you’ve brought to the world, but it might not always be for the best.

Stray Blade offers a colourful and vibrant world with a range of different environments from ruined cities to frozen caves and vast canyons. The Lost Valley is rife with collectables, treasures and rare materials to discover.

Stray Blade has no set release date but is expected to launch in 2022.

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