Street Fighter V File Size – We Got It Wrong

Street Fighter V File Size – We Got It Wrong

Two days ago we were looking on the PS Store and we clicked on Street Fighter V and noticed that the file size was up ahead of the game’s launch. It said 6.4GB, so naturally we reported on our find. However, we got it wrong and apologize for the mistake.

Yesterday a website called ThisGenGaming uploaded an article explaining that there is an initial 7GB download followed by an additional 5.4GB, which brings the game’s total size to 12.4GB. The download is still significantly smaller than a lot of other games at launch, but obviously you should expect the file size to increase with DLC and patches in the future. ThisGenGaming must have gotten a review code for the game, so they were able to upload a screenshot, which we’ve included below, but you can take a look at their article by clicking the source below.

Once again we’re sorry we got it wrong, but at the end of the day it is our job to report on the information we have at hand and all we had to go by was the PS Store. We’ll be continuing to report on all things PlayStation (and hopefully getting it right!) well into the future, so keep checking back for more news.


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