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Street Fighter V June Update Coming July 1st With Balrog; More Characters Teased

Street Fighter V’s June update is due to release this Friday, and with it comes a bunch of new content for players to devour. And yes, the June update is releasing on July 1st. All we can say is: Capcom.

Capcom announced on its recent stream that the update will be rolling out this Friday to players and that Balrog will be a part of the update.

In addition to the announcement, Capcom also released a brand new trailer for the update on its official Street Fighter V YouTube channel. There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the trailer… Other than the teasing of Juri and Urien. It’s unlikely that they’ll release in this update, though we should expect them to make an appearance at a later day.

Looking forward to the new content update, or have you given up on Street Fighter V? Beat your keyboard with a might combo down in the comments section. 

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