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Street Fighter V on PS4 Gets a 9% Price Cut on PSN Pre-Order

It’s not the biggest sale you’ll ever see, nor does it even compare with the Uncharted deal we posted earlier today, but it’s saving non the less. Street Fighter V on PS4 is now marginally cheaper than before. The original PSN price for the game was £54.99, but today it has been reduced by a whopping 9%, which brings it down to £49.99.

Bear in mind that while this may be a nice little reduction, you’ll probably still find it cheaper in your local Tesco or Asda. No chance at video game retailer GAME, though, they’ll rob you blind.

You can find the game on the UK PSN here. It’s probably worth mentioning that the beta will kick off in just a few days time, and to access the beta you’ll need to pre-order the game, hence the little discount. Probably.

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