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Street Fighter V’s Final Fighter Revealed

Capcom has revealed that Luke is the fifth and final Street Fighter V character.

As shown by Street Fighter V Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto, Luke is the fifth character for Season 5 and will mark the last character to be added the popular fighting game, bringing the total roster of characters to 45.

This brand new character aims to expand the world of Street Fighter as Capcom hopes to give fans of the series a sneak peek into what the future of the fighting franchise has in store.

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As seen in the video below Luke is a fighter that moves fast and hits hard so players that go against him must be on high alert of his attacks, though as I’m no good at fighters I’m sure button-mashing my way to victory will definitely work just fine. More gameplay and backstory on Luke is planned to be released closer to the date he arrives in Street Fighter this November.

Oro, the travelling hermit from Street Fighter III is also returning this summer. Dressed in his slightly revealing purple robe and brown rope belt armed with his pet turtle, Oro still has most of his old moves as well as some new additions for Street Fighter V. This will make Oro a familiar character to old players while also giving him some new tricks to master this powerful fighter.

Last but not least, Akira Kazama returns to the brawl. She started her game career in the Rival School series which began in 1997 – I wasn’t even born yet! Now she’s back with her iconic black biker gear and an assortment of moves making her deadly both up close and at a distance.

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Joining her is also the reimagined Rival Riverside stage which stars a familiar river and Akira’s high school. Any fans of the series may also spot some familiar faces while battling in front of the sunset.

You won’t be waiting long for this stage or Oro and Akira as these will all be available starting August the 16th. While those of you looking forward to Luke will be waiting till November.

All fighters can be acquired with the Street Fighter V Season 5 Character Pass or Premium Pass. They can also be purchased separately for 100,000 Fight Money, while extra stages will cost 70,000 Fight Money.

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