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Street Power Football is Getting Some Free DLC Soon

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have announced that the recently released Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer in North America) is getting some DLC in the near future. The new DLC, which will be completely free to all players, was teased during a brand new trailer released during Gamescom 2020.

The free DLC pack will feature new Skilltwins characters and a new arena to play all game modes in the Skilltwins’ hometown of Vasteras in Sweden. Unfortunately, there are no new games modes or the like but never say never as they could come in future updates.

I recently had the chance to play and review Street Power Football, and while I found it to be a bit of a middle-of-the-road release – scoring the game 6/10 – ‘Good’ – it could still be well worth a look for younger players and those who just have to play any and all footy games released.

The new trailer is up above, and our video review is down below, or you can read the review through here.

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