Street Power Soccer Elimination Mode Revealed in New Trailer

Street Power Soccer Elimination Mode Revealed in New Trailer

SFL Interactive and Maximum Games have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the elimination mode from their upcoming arcade sports game, Street Power Soccer (North America) or Street Power Football (worldwide). The fast-paced elimination mode is played in 1v1 on half of a playground with two teammates from each side on the bench.

Each time a goal is scored, the opposing player is eliminated and must leave the field, with another teammate subbing in until the losing team has no players left and it is ‘game over’ for them. If you catch the ball in elimination mode, you have 10 seconds to get to the goal and score, after that the goal will close. The goal will re-open when you step outside of the penalty area or lose possession of the ball.

Street Power Soccer/Street Power Football is just over a month away from its August 25th release date. So while the footy season may be over by then, at least we’ll have this to keep the samba Gods happy.

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