Streets of Rage 4 Announced With Retro Trailer, Releasing 2019

Yes, you read that right: Streets of Rage 4 is real and it’s releasing in 2019, some 20-odd years after the last game released on cartridge-based consoles. Some of you reading this probably weren’t even alive when Streets of Rage was, well, the rage. Haw haw…

The unexpected sequel is coming from publish Dotemu, the same outfit that published Wonderboy and Windjammers, while Lizardcube is handling development duties along with Guard Crush Games.

The game will feature hand-drawn graphics and familiar yet new gameplay. According to the press release, the developers are building on the original trilogy’s gameplay with some new mechanics, a brand new story, but it’ll be a standalone release that everyone will enjoy. It means that you won’t need to go scouring eBay for an overpriced SEGA Megadrive to play the old games to enjoy the new one.

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That being said… There’s something for fans of the oldies. Check out the trailer above and you’ll see what I mean. Oh, I just can’t contain myself – AXEL IS BACK!!!

It’s fair to say, then, that at least I am excited for Streets of Rage 4, even if my fellow Pure PlayStationeers are too busy picking their jaws off the ground after seeing Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay reveal…

There’s no solid release date for Streets of Rage just yet, all that’s known is that it will release in 2019. Heck, the consoles it’s coming to hasn’t even been confirmed according to the press release, though I imagine it’s almost definitely, certainly, absolutely coming to PS4. If it doesn’t… Chris Will Rage.

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