Streets of Rage 4 is a Love Letter to Classic Beat ‘Em Ups

There’s passion, and there is insanity. Sometimes, only a court can separate the two, but the newest video from the developers of Streets of Rage 4 shows a team laser-focused on one thing – building a game that replicates the magic of old-school beat ’em ups. In almost eight minutes, we see game designer Jordi Asensio and his partner at Guard Crush Games, Cyrille Lagarigue, walk us through the upcoming release and how they are making a game for the fans – themselves most of all.

Jordi has a history with fighting games. He used to import videos from Japan to learn new fighting strategies and was in many tournaments for Street Fighter. He knows what works, but he continues to study the older games. He actually plays Streets of Rage 4 alongside Streets of Rage 2 (his favorite) to make sure the rhythm and feel is right.

His vision for the game is clear. They try to put themselves in the mindset of an original creator from years ago. He and the team want to create a game that could have been made during the same era as the games he respects. He’s a purist and won’t add any RPG elements. He starts with the basics to create the foundation and speaks about the importance of creating the feel of a single punch. If that’s not good, nothing is.

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Precision is mechanically good, but not good enough. All of the elements in the game from visuals to music to action have to work together to create the right feeling. The engine that Dotemu is using is over ten years old, but it has been improved substantially in the last few years. Why keep a heavily updated but older engine? It’s another part of the secret recipe. The team created it originally so that they could make changes to the game in real-time. If it feels wrong in a certain place or beyond, they’ll recreate the whole level until it’s right.

This trailer is filled with a lot of passion and maybe some insanity, but it looks like the game that the developer has wanted to make for a long time. If you like to watch a passionate person talk about their project without it being filtered through marketing speak, you should really give this one a watch. It’s done more to put Streets of Rage 4 on my 2020 radar than any other PR release ever could, and I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on this one as we head into next year.

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