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Streets of Rage 4 Looks Damn Good in New Screenshots Released

Streets of Rage 4 is coming later this year after being announced at Gamescom 2018, and to drum up a bit of interest in the game, the developers have released new batch of screenshots showing the game in action. And…

Oh. My. Word. 

It looks amazing. Gone are the blurry pixels, replaced instead with hand-drawn, comic-book style graphics that just seem to jump out of the screen.

Streets of Rage 4 is being developed by Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games while DotEmu is taking on publishing duties. It’s the first new game in the famed series since Streets of Rage 3 released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994. While over two decades have passed since the last game released, Streets of Rage 4 takes place some ten years after the third game. Axel is a little older and chubbier, and this time around he’s got new friends to help clear up the city streets.

Just like the original games that came before it, Streets of Rage 4 will allow you and a buddy to team up together to take on the mean streets, or you can go it alone if you so feel like it.

There’s no release date for Streets of 4 as of yet. There’s also no official word on which consoles the game will release, but you can bet your last tasty chicken that it’ll be making its way to the PS4.

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