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Stuntman: Ignition Will Make a Star Out of You on PS4

Remember the Stuntman game that released years ago? It got a sequel – Stuntman: Ignition – that released on PS2 and PS3 in 2007, and surprisingly, this author remembers it rather fondly for its silly, over-the-top sequences.

Well guess what? It’s coming back! Probably. The game has recently been rated by the PEGI ratings authority for the PS4, so we’re assuming it’s going to be released soon. However, for those hoping for a fully featured PS3 port, think again. The game’s rights are owned by THQ Nordic which has been relentless in getting its PS2-era properties onto the PS4 via the emulation the system allows. So, yeah, expect it to be the PS2 version with a better resolution and achievements. Still, not bad, eh?

THQ Nordic has been on something of a run lately with the PS2 re-releases, so it’s nice to see that no stone is being left un-turned. It makes us wonder what’s coming next…

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