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Subdivision Infinity DX Is Inspired By Classic Space Dogfighting Games

Subdivision Infinity DX has slipped under my radar, so maybe you also didn’t know it was releasing on August 8th. As Sgt. Jed Riddle, you and your brave crew will track down a conspiracy about mercenaries and Element-122 over 40 missions. There will be different ships, plenty of upgrades, and boss fights. In between the arcade missions, you can mine asteroids, grab some bounty missions, and find new ship blueprints. It looks like a touch of Freelancer with a dash of Tie Fighter. It only appears to be missing a cockpit camera.

It makes up for that by showcasing some nice effects and locations. There is a great sense of scale in the boss fights and plenty of fighters dot the area. The colors are vibrant and explosions are everywhere. If we can believe the pictures from NASA (or if we find something else after storming Area 51), space is a beautiful place.

If you do pick up Subdivision Infinity DX on August 8th, it will only run you $14.99.

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