Suicide Squad Dynamic PS4 Theme “Free” for North American Players, But Only With Pre-Order

Last week we reported that UK/EU PlayStation 4 players could get a lovely dynamic PS4 theme based on the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. It’s a nice little freebie that spruces up any PS4. Unfortunately it wasn’t made free for North American players, though we weren’t sure why at the time.

However, we now know that the theme will indeed be offered to North American players for free, but there’s a catch. The only way to get your “free” Suicide Squad PS4 theme is to pre-order the movie. So yeah, it’s not truly free.

It’s a bit of a poor move and we really do feel for our North American counterparts on this one. There is a workaround though, if you have a UK/EU PSN account, you can still get it for free and use it on your North American console. We’re not going to go into the specifics but Google will help you out.

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