Super Comboman Coming to PS4 This Fall

Are you the type of person who thinks some problems at work are better solved through an uppercut or fireball to a coworker’s face, than with a well-formatted spreadsheet? Do you also like 2D, skill-based brawlers? If a workplace violence charge does not keep you in jail, you are going to love Super Comboman.

Describing itself as, “Smash Bros. meets the Marvel vs. Capcom series as a platformer“, the trailer introduces us to the main character, Struggles. With his perception of how to behave in the workforce strongly influenced by comics about his favorite superhero, Super Comboman, he decides to get a job, so he can provide for his brother and himself.

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Armed with a talking fanny pack and a mullet that would bring a wistful tear to Billy Ray Cyrus‘ eye, he completes odd jobs for a company named DODOCO, punching his way through coworkers and bosses while earning new special moves and, of course, combos.

You can see a longer trailer at the game’s site here, and we look forward to seeing the full game later this fall.

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