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Super Mega Baseball 2 Swings for Glory on PS4 This May 1st, Cross-Platform Play With PC Confirmed

Super Mega Baseball 2 is readying up a curve ball for PS4 this May 1st, as announced today by Metalhead Software. Word of warning before we go any further with this story: This editor knows only two things about baseball; it’s not football, and it’s kind of like rounders. From here on in, we’re relying purely on the information given in the press release. What? Some of us grew up in Britain where rugby, football, and shin-kicking were the playground past times…

Priced at $29.99, Super Mega Baseball 2 brings a lot of bang for every buck. There’s a whole host of different game modes, explained in the video above, that’ll keep baseball fans happy for hours. Maybe even days? Possibly weeks? How long is baseball fun for? How long is a match? How many goals do you have to score to win?

“With Super Mega Baseball 2 we’ve put together a more sophisticated baseball simulation for the baseball purists, but we’ve also been careful to maintain the pick-up-and-play nature that made the original as accessible as it was,” said Metalhead Co-Founder Scott Drader. “Community feedback massively influenced our design choices for the sequel and we’ll be listening carefully to the community again this time when we’re considering further changes and additional content.”

  • Overhauled presentation including 8 stadiums built from the ground up, more realistically scaled character models, and new, more athletic player animations
  • Comprehensive customization of leagues, team logos and uniforms, and player gear
  • New competitive and co-operative online modes, utilizing dedicated servers
  • Cross-platform play between PC and PS4
  • Refined baseball simulation with visceral physics and realistic play outcomes
  • Enhanced image quality on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

The video up above gives a better run down of the game’s features than this hapless writer could ever hope to do, so give it a watch. It’s got a fair bit of gameplay, too, and even this desk-jockey can tell it looks decent.

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