Super Mega Baseball 3 Gets Two New Modes Today, Including Online Leagues

Metalhead Software’s Super Mega Baseball 3 has been updated today to bring two new modes to the game on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The update brings the brand new Online Leagues game mode, which even features cross-platform custom leagues between all consoles and PC. So, you can set up a league on PS4 with your mates on Xbox One, PC, and Switch. Cool, eh?

The other new mode is Watch Mode, which offers you the chance to simulate AI vs AI games, with you controlling the camera. Can’t get to a ball game? Haven’t paid your cable bill? No problem. Just stick on Super Mega Baseball 3 and you can watch a game of your choosing. That might sound a bit pathetic, but as a kid, I used to do exactly that with the early FIFA games…

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Features in Online Leagues:

· Use invite codes to set up private leagues to play cross-platform with friends.
· Play in short term or long term seasons, with statistics tracked throughout the season.
· Customize settings and rules, such as Ego (difficulty) level and game length.
· Play with SMB3 standard teams or fully customized user teams.
· Create large leagues – up to 32 players.
· Queue for games against any opponent in the league, or queue against a specific user.

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