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Super Monkey Ball Could Be Rolling On To The PS4

This is a little out of the blue, but according to a Taiwanese Ratings Site, Super Monkey Ball could be making a return. Now we know it’s hardly concrete evidence, but it’s an interesting tease nonetheless. One that we certainly didn’t see coming. You could say, we’re balled over!

This news was spotted by an eagle eye over on the Marigold News & Reviews site, and suggests it will enjoy a triple-headed release; PS4, Xbox and the Switch. However, there is little else to go on. Bar an unusual translation of the registered Chinese and Japanese titles, which suggest a gourmet theme.

You see, they translate as Now Taste Good! Super Monkey Ball and The Food is Great! Super Monkey Ball. So, it’s definitely Super Monkey Ball and there’s something foodie going on too – but whether they’re based on a previous release or are completely new builds is yet to be seen.

Still, it’s nice to see the caged monkeys making a return to the maze; there’s something therapeutic about … rolling around.

Are you rolling around on the floor with excitement? Or are your “monkeying around in a maze” days over? Send us a comment that’s a little more substantial than oo-ah-ah-ah.

Source: Marigold News & Reviews

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