Superhot: Mind Control Delete Releasing on July 16th; Free to All Non-VR Superhot Owners

Superhot is one of those games that gives you an absolute gut-punch when you finally try it, and it’s beyond amazing on the PSVR. More Superhot is exciting, and we don’t have long to wait. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is only playable in the non-VR version of the game, but it will be free to anyone who owns that version or purchases it before July 16th. When it’s available, it will be automatically added to your game library. Very nice.

The road to this new Superhot content may have been more difficult than any of the tricks you have to pull in-game. The PlayStation Blog article from the game’s co-director, Cezary Skorupka, talks about the rough three years of development that went into it. When the original game was made, they stripped out so much that wasn’t absolutely essential. They wanted to add a few things back into the game and figured they would have a few months of development work to reach the next goal.

It wasn’t even close. A year and a half later, the team had something that wasn’t anything near what they expected. Describing the development as “long, hard, and eventful”, Skorupka talked about where the team was at that point by saying:

“After more than a year and a half of development we felt tired and decided: “let’s stop here and look at what we have.” Unfortunately, we realized that we had created a monstrosity. An abomination consisting of too much stuff — unpolished, unoptimized, cryptic, and confusing, with no clear story or purpose. Our drive for MORE exhausted us; the project became too heavy, weighed us down.

Despite that, we refused to give up. We believed there was something inside this amorphous pile of MCD that could be salvaged. It just needed some trimming, removing a few “not-that-good” features. We just had to cut out a fake internet app, chats with a friend feature, daily and weekly challenges, boss battles, community hub, interactive red voice, scoring system, in-game currency connected with game progression, create-your-run system, leaderboards, boss fight arenas, rewrite the story three or four times, change the whole UI, remake all upgrades, rewrite the system of getting new upgrades, and more. Surely it wouldn’t take us that long to finish — we thought.”

After another year and a half, the project is done and ready to be in player’s hands. The team went from despair to finally feeling proud of what they had accomplished. As a thank you to players for purchasing the game and supporting the developers, they are going to give it away for free. If it’s even half as good as the VR version, it should rank somewhere around amazing.

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The full article is definitely worth a read for anyone who enjoys Superhot, likes to hear inside stories of games, or wants to be a developer. It’s a reminder that the games we enjoy have quite a history before we ever hit the start button.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be available on July 16th.

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