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Supermarket Shriek Releases October 23rd for PS4, Switch, PC

PQube and developer Billy Goat Entertainment have announced today that Supermarket Shriek will be releasing on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) on October 23rd, 2020. The game originally released on Xbox One and was fairly successful with decent critic and players reviews.

The game is madness, pure madness, and good co-op fun. You’ll tackle ridiculous obstacle courses set inside the most unfortunate supermarkets to have ever existed. Oh, and you’ll get to hear the delightful screams of a goat.

The new release will feature 38 manic stages in the co-op campaign, as well as three fun competitive party modes for 2-4 players to play locally.

I’ve been playing Supermarket Shriek on and off with the Mrs for a while, and it’s always good fun. I can recommend this if you’ve got a willing partner or a few mates who are down for an evening of goats screaming, rather than screaming at FIFA.

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