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Surgeon Simulator PSVR Update 1.02 Improves Tracking and Performance, Supposedly

Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality was an absolute stinker on launch. We tore it apart in our review, as did many players who invested time and money into the game. It was basically a broken mess that was the opposite of fun. So what’s changed?

There’s a new update today for the game, version 1.02, and the patch notes indicate that it has been improved in several key areas. We’ve yet to actually get our surgical masks back on with this new update, but once we’ve given it a thorough x-ray and intimate examination, we’ll let you know if it really has improved to the point where it’s worth buying.

The patch notes are as follows:

Surgeon Simulator: ER Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Changed default controls to absolute mode
  • Added option for old relative control mode
  • Improvement to skeleton hand collision
  • Tweaked circular saw damage
  • Performance improvements

Have you tried the game with the new update, or did you euthanise this one a long time ago? 

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