Survival Game SYMMETRY Available Now

SYMMETRY, the charming new survival management game from Sleepless Clinic, is available now from the PlayStation Store. It’s set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe that is totally unforgiving and sometimes brutal.

The story goes something like this: you and your team crash-land on a strange, desolate planet, with help light years away. Think Matt Damon, but worse. You must manage your crew as they struggle to manage the freezing cold and crazy weather, as they desperately attempt to repair their spaceship. If you’re wondering how seriously the game takes itself, read this from the official press release:

Time is of the essence. Everyone’s safety is essential. Life functions are critical. Overseeing resources is vital. One wrong choice, someone dies. Run out of time, someone dies. And when one of the survivors die, you must make the ultimate decision, dispose of the body, or cannibalize it.

Pretty heavy right? In addition to that feel-good story, the folks at Sleepless Clinic promise randomly assigned crew members with different skills and stories in each playthrough to keep you coming back for more. And when you finish the main story, you’ll unlock an endless ‘Survival’ mode to keep the good times rolling.

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What do you think, PlayStation gamers? Would you eat your friends to survive a hostile environment like an alien planet or high school”We thought so.Explain yourself in the comments below.

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