Survival Horror Tormented Souls Announced for 2021

If you wanted to scare me, waking up naked in a dirty bathtub with a strange, medical hose in my mouth would more than do it. That’s how your terrifying time in Tormented Souls starts. As Caroline Walker, you are searching the abandoned mansion, Winterlake, for missing twin girls. As you explore, the mirrors you find will allow you to visit another time or place and make changes to your world.

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Tormented Souls takes inspiration from some of the biggest names of the past – Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone In The Dark. They are keeping the feel of these classics while also reassuring us that the control scheme and camera will be much better. Like some of those greats, the survival horror game is located in a dark mansion that only appears to be empty. As you explore, you’ll collect and combine items and solve puzzles to unravel the truth and save Caroline from some creepy crawlies that go bump in the night. The trailer gives you a glimpse of something scary at the end, but that’s probably not the only horror you’ll encounter.

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More horror games are always welcome, and Tormented Souls looks like it’s on track to give us the chills and thrills you need. This one is coming sometime next year, and it is confirmed for the PS4. Check out the screenshots and trailer for a tease of what’s to come, and we’ll give you more info when we have it.

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