Survive A Zombie Apocalypse This Fall In UNTURNED; Players Can Create Private Servers for Free

Zombies and video games are the chocolate and peanut butter of creative ideas, and another one is coming this fall. UNTURNED puts players in a zombie apocalypse, and you’ll have to do the normal survival things to last longer than thirty seconds. If you’re a veteran of the zombie wars, you know you’ll have to craft new items and scavenge for materials. You can use some of those materials to build a shelter, and you can upgrade your own offense, defense, and support. Staying alive means watching your health and radiation levels and taking time to eat and drink.

Multiplayer is a big part of gameplay, and you can play with up to 24 people. You can also play local co-op with a friend in split-screen on eight maps. The maps are huge and offer transportation by land, air, and sea. If you want your own area for just you and friends, you can create your own private server with whatever rules you want for free.

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If you played the free-to-play version of UNTURNED on PC, this is going to keep the same spirit with a lot of improvements. First, the bad news: it’s not free anymore. It will run you $24.99 at launch. The rest is good news. Although the original developer Smartly Dressed Games is still involved in the port, the publisher, 505 Games, has brought in another developer, FunLabs, to completely redo most of the assets. The UI and controls also being completely reworked. A deeper progression system and new unlocks have been added. After looking at a trailer for the original game (posted above) released three years ago, that’s all good news. (I don’t have any screenshots or trailers from the reworked version of the game to show you yet, but I’ll post them as soon as they hit my inbox.)

UNTURNED is releasing digitally this fall.

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