Survive and Build in Conan Exiles Today

We have written of our love for Conan the Barbarian. His one weakness is his poor taste in clothes, but who’s going to insult a giant man with a sword in a furry loincloth? It doesn’t end well. We know.

The world of Conan is open today in Conan Exiles, and it puts you in the leather boots of a survivor. After you are liberated from your own crucifixion, you will enter a dark and dangerous world. You will have to find food, craft tools, and build a shelter. The lands are varied from jungle to desert, and they are filled with all kinds of deadly creatures and secret dungeons.

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The combat is more than just swinging a sword and executing combos. You can also build a fortress and defend it, or attack another player’s happy home with siege weapons. The giant avatars are this world’s equivalent of shock ‘n’ awe weaponry, and they don’t disappoint.

Check out the trailer for a taste of what the game will offer and be sure to check back for our upcoming review.

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