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Survive Zombies with Your Friends next Month

We know you need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and we have Amazon delivering more barbed wire every month. We might find some helpful tips in zombie survival game, How to Survive 2, from 505 Games. You will need to scavenge for crafting materials and build a base to fight off zombies and wild animals. You can also build better weapons, increase your skills, and meet other survivors.

This will not be a lonely experience. You and three friends can play together in co-op, and up to 16 people can access your camp. You would not want to be mistaken for someone else, and the game allows you to choose different looks in what amounts to high fashion in the post-zombie, randomly generated world.

We do not know the exact day this will release, but it will be in the increasingly crowded month of February. Only time will tell, but it looks like it would make a perfect PS Plus game.

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