Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond

Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond Has Landed on PS4

Dig deep into Mars and expand your colony in the recent expansion

Publisher Abstraction and developer Paradox interactive’s latest expansion, Below & Beyond, has finally touched down on Surviving Mars and it has plenty of new features for the astronauts that are living on the red planet surface to make the most of.

Surviving Mars players can now dig into the red dirt of Mars to discover underground caves and lava tubes as they expand their colony deep into the ground of our sibling planet.

You can make the most of existing structures or the new underground specific buildings that even NASA would be proud of to make a base of operation that can fend for itself away from the prying eyes of possible surface dwellers.

However, you better be careful as digging and living underground has its risks like possible cave-ins which could destroy all your hard work and if you’re unlucky enough to still be in it then your journey on Mars will end as well.

The Recon & Expansion tech tree has also been redefined to give players the tools they’ll need to build, discover and evolve their colony. Improving your colonies technology will allow you to take advantage of passing asteroids as you mine them for their exotic resources – just don’t get stranded in orbit.

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Not to mention the possibility to build other vehicles and upgrades so you can finally conquer Mars.

Magnus Lysell, the Product Manager for Surviving Mars at Paradox Interactive had this to say about the recent expansion:

“We have one of the most supportive and creative communities in gaming. We know that, with these expanded features, our players will blow our minds with their ingenuity.

“We give our players the tools they need to overcome challenges and create their story. With Below & Beyond, we’ve given players a lot to work with and I’m sure they will come up with some incredible colonies.”

Surviving Mars: Below & Beyond can be purchased on the PlayStation Store for £15.49/$19.99. While enjoying the groovy tunes of the new Mars Lifestyle Radio Pack which can also be purchased for £2.89/$4.99 on the PlayStation.

Surviving Mars: Below and Beyond Release Trailer

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