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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Dissonance of the Nexus Coming January

A new expansion is being released for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Dissonance of the Nexus will put players in a new frosty area named the White Frontier with new enemies, bosses, and allies. Characters from previous Sword Art Online games Lost Song and Ordinal Scale, such as Sachi, Eiji, and Yuna will be playable.

If free is more your speed, the base version of the game will receive a new dungeon and boss fight in co-op. Death Gun and Lievere will be added to the Hero Battle Quest. If this makes no sense, a free demo will allow you to play the game up to chapter 2 with access to online co-op and a boss battle.

We don’t know when the free update and demo are coming, but the expansion will be available on January 18th. If you have never jumped into the world, there will be a Complete Edition of the game that will have the expansion and base game for sale on the same day.

With the new Sword Art Online Alicization season of the anime going, this should give fans a little more of the world to explore. Check out the trailer to see if Dissonance of the Nexus should be on your list of January games.

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Press Release from Bandai Namco

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