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Symmetra Getting Biggest Overwatch Patch For Just One Character

Everyone’s favorite goddess…err…I mean everyone’s favorite teleporter user is getting a significant patch and update according to Overwatch game director, Jeff Kaplan. Today, Jeff uploaded one of his famous videos to Overwatch’s Youtube that details coming changes and updates to the in-game world. This time it’s all about Symmetra and making her more than just an objective and situational character. The biggest news is probably the fact that she will be the first ever character to¬†utilize two different ultimates. She’ll have her teleporter like usual but if you double tap the ult button, it will switch over to a shield generator that can be placed on the map instead. Once positioned it will give teammates within a generous area of effect strengthened shields. This can only be removed once enemies find the generator and destroy it, just like her teleporter.

For those wondering about her normal shield ability, it’s been removed. In its place is a new technique called the Photon Barrier and it materializes a moderately sized shield that can be moved along a trajectory. Jeff likened it to Reinhardt’s shield or Winston’s barrier. Her cooldown for turrets has also been bumped up to six instead of the traditional three. This way the count won’t be stuck on three which required you to use a turret to get more. Lastly, her primary fire on her beam laser has been given a bit more range. We’ve been assured it’s not a huge increase and she won’t be sniping people across the map. Symmetra’s new groove will be available on the PTR for PC very soon but no word was given on her expected change on other platforms. Per usual though, once she passes standards is when she’ll make an appearance on consoles.

You can check out the announcement video above and definitely let us know what you think of the upcoming changes to a fan favorite character.

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