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Tabata Promises to Improve Final Fantasy XV’s Dodgy Frame Rate in Full Release

The Final Fantasy XV demo released a couple of days ago as “Platinum Demo” and fans around the world went bonkers. Then they booted it up and went bonkers for other reasons. For one, the “demo” isn’t actually a proper gameplay demo but more of a technical demo to show off the game engine.

Secondly, it didn’t even do a very good job at being a technical demo. The frame rate, among other things, has been widely criticised and has caused concern among fans that the full release might be a choppy mess. The Platinum Demo barely scratches the surface of the open-world that Final Fantasy XV will have, yet it still struggles to maintain a decent frame rate. Those who’ve played through the short tech demo will know that it’s a bit of a shambles.

Thankfully, then, it looks like the full release of Final Fantasy XV won’t have such problems, or at least that’s what Hajime Tabata is saying. The studio head recently sat down with Japanese publication Dengeki Online and was asked about the Platinum Demo’s shaky frame rate.

We’d copy and paste his answer here but as Google translate isn’t quite 100%, we’ll just sum it up:

Basically, the studio decided that the priority with the demo wasn’t to show the frame rate as the main focus was to get the player experiencing a snippet of Final Fantasy XV’s world. The frame rate will be improved upon before release and the full game will be in full HD.


Whether this is true or not is something we’ll have to wait and see. Final Fantasy XV releases on PS4 and Xbox One this September 30th.

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