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Tabletop Gamers, Talisman Is the Game for You

The Steam and mobile title, Talisman: Digital Edition, will come to the PlayStation 4 and Vita this Spring. Developer Nomad Games made the announcement today via press release and it has been described as the ultimate fantasy adventure board game. Your journey will take you across dangerous lands in order to claim the Crown of Command. This magical artifact will give you the power to destroy all rivals and make the bearer the kingdom’s true ruler. In order to do so you’ll need strength, courage, and good dice rolls to beat your opponents to the center of the game board. The PlayStation version will also come with online play, leaderboards, tutorials, and the released expansions so far.

Talisman was originally a magical quest board game from Games Workshop. So fans from nearly thirty years of production may well recognize this iconic brand. The Digital Edition is developed by Nomad Games and they have worked on bringing a handful of physical games to different gaming platforms. You can view their game trailer above. Have you played the original board game? If so let us know because we are truly interested in seeing this in video game form.

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