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Taipei Game Show 2020 Postponed Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The bloody Coronavirus has claimed its first gaming victim: the annual Taipei Game Show.

The event’s organiser has decided that it is in the best interests of the public to postpone the Taipei Game Show until later this summer, due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

It’s a wise decision and it really is for the best. The Taipei Game Show attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, and the convention halls are the perfect place to swap and share germs. It’s for the best, then, that it has been pushed back a few months.

There’s no solid date for when the Taipei Game Show will take place this summer, but the organiser has said that it will announce the new dates in the coming days.

It’s a shame as there’s always something interesting at the annual Taipei Game Show, but health and safety must come first. Fingers crossed this awful virus buggers off sooner rather than later.

Source: VG247

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